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Patriots Challenge

Dear Friend,

On Thursday night there were two big moments on television. Channel 7 had the Patriots opening the NFL regular season on NBC. Channel 8 had the candidates for Mayor of Quincy closing the preliminary election season with our final debate on QATV. 

Will you contribute $28 today in honor of the Pats 28-21 victory to help get us through the final days of the election preseason?

We know the Patriots had a strong performance against the Steelers, and based on the feedback I’ve received from supporters and the coverage we’ve received in the Patriot Ledger, I’m feeling pretty confident that we had the strongest performance on the debate stage at QATV. Our volunteers are on the phone every night.

PATRIOT LEDGER: “You lose a community hospital, you blame Steward. Your downtown collapses, you blame (developer) Street-Works. Flood maps are imposed upon the city, you blame FEMA. This is an opportunity for leadership.” - Doug Gutro

Harry S. Truman may not have hailed from the City of Presidents, but as your next mayor I’m going to adopt his slogan: the buck will stop with me. We’ve had too many years of Tom Koch passing the buck and blaming everyone but himself for the failures of his administration, and last night was no different.

It’s time for new leadership in City Hall, and it’s time for a new candidate to take on Tom Koch and his machine in November. I am that candidate. I am the only candidate in this race who has consistently challenged the Koch administration’s wasteful spending as an elected official, and I am the only challenger in this race who hasn’t already lost to Tom Koch in a mayoral election. My opponents know I’m the strongest candidate to take on – that’s why they spent a lot of time at the debate trying to drag me down with silly attacks instead of promoting their own candidacies.

Click Here to watch the debate - and please share it with your friends and family!

Each dollar we raise between now and election day will be used to spread my message to every neighborhood in Quincy. We need your help to pay for more lawn signs, more palm cards, more phone calls, and more water to hydrate our heatwave-weary volunteers. We have the momentum on our side – now we just need to make sure we can afford to contact every voter in the city to make sure they know that election day has been moved to a Thursday.

I have made so many amazing friends like you during my time serving on the City Council and during this campaign for mayor. I am humbled to have your assistance as we work together for a city hall as great as the city it stands in, and I can’t wait to hit the ground running just under two weeks from today as we fight to take back City Hall.



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